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About IIIS

Indian Institue of Islamic Studies-New Delhi


Islami Academy Trust has established an Islami academy in New Delhi in order to achieve its objective to undertake academic research in various disciplines and fields of learning like History, Economics, and other social sciences, specially comparative religions with particular reference to those religions that originated in the India sub-continent. Centre for religious studies and  Guidance (CRGS) ,one of the most distinguished centre for Da’wah and comparative religion research in north India has merged with the Islamic Academy.CRSG has a vast experience  of organizing and co-coordinating  educational ,training and research  programs for Da’wah purposes The trust is planning to establish regional centers of the academy in non-Hindi speaking belts. The Academy is working with the following objectives:

1.To devise and develop educational, training and research programs for preparation of new literature  in view of new challenges and requirements of modern age and for Da;wah purpose(Communication of Islamic message)

2.To establish and develop a centre for research and development .

3.To organize programs for training of Imams ,community leaders ,professional and social workers and to infuse the sprit of Da’wah.

4.To develop modern method and techniques for research and Da’wah, training of leaders, Imams and others.


5. To produce and publish Da’wah literature.

6. To develop audio-visual material for propagation of Islam.

7. To seek co-operation with other institutions with similar objectives within and outside India.

8. To organize orientation courses .symposia , seminars, workshops, distance teachings programs, conferences, and to undertake exchange of scholars.

9. To develop Da’wah   resource Center .

10. To publish monographs, reports , surveys, journals, booklets, books, and other such materials as may be needed to fulfill    the Academy’s objectives.

11. To establish regional centers to promote the objectives of the Academy.


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