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Discover Yourself Workshop - 25, 26, 27 August

The Discover Yourself workshop aims at imparting inner peace for the participants. It frees the individuals from anger, rancor, jealousy, frustration, depressions; boosts confidence; guides towards successful life; mends intra-family and inter-personal relationships; sets the life of the individuals on the axis of God consciousness; sharpens the objective of life; removes the psychological burdens of the past; builds contentment; helps in goal-setting; and overcoming setbacks. It unleashes positive energy, heralds hope in lives emaciated with despondency, opens new vistas, harnesses inner potential for constructive purposes. It builds bridges between the servants and the Creator.


Islam is way of life and we ask Allah (swt) to show us the straight path. He loves our asking for this in our Salaah every day. He has done us a favour not only by showing us the path but has also sent us Prophets to guide us along the straight path. A path to reach peace, love, happiness, contentment, success in this life and in the hereafter. Everyone knows the path but finds it difficult and confusing to walk on the path. Here in the workshop you will be coached step by step in a simple easy way to walk on siratal Musthaqeem (straight path) and you will taste the bliss in walking on this path. You do not need to have any qualification to attend the workshop nor will there be any language barrier. There is nothing to understand in the workshop. The only requisite is the willingness


“Verily never will Allah change a condition of a people until they are willing to change what is in themselves” (13:11)



To walk on the straight path becomes simple once you know: “who am I? What is my purpose of life? What is my position in this world? Where I have I come from and where I am going?” The workshop is not about do’s and don’ts, preaching or delivering sermons but a practical interaction oriented one, wherein you will experience the balance of body, mind and spirit. It is a holistic workshop where you will have freedom from the past to create a new future by being in the present.




DAY ONE of the workshop your anger disappears and you enter into a state of peace and tranquility.


You feel free and light and your view of life, people around you and the world transforms.


DAY TWO you get rid off the baggage of the past and have access to be in the now to create a new future. You will have the power, freedom and self-expression to take any challenge that life throws at you and life is no longer a burden. Your view of life alters. You create a new you, surrendering to the will of Allah and choosing to be His representative. You purify your heart and truly get connected with Almighty Allah.


DAY THREE you witness a whole new world around you by demolitioning (fana) your ego. You see life as simple with Truth prevailing and Falsehood perishing. You experience, love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment and bliss, a gift Allah has given you to experience and share with others.