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IIIS New Delhi has launched One Year Diploma Course in Quranic Language

IIIS New Delhi has launched One Year Diploma Course in Quranic Language

Indian Institute of Islamic Studies has launched “One Year Diploma Course in Quranic Language and Teachings”. The inaugural program of the course was conducted on 12th March. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Hasan Raza (Director, IIIS) said that in our modern educational institutions as well as traditional religious schools, knowledge impartation has become only sharing of information. That’s why divine guidance couldn’t become a part of our consciousness. Revolution in our psychology is possible only when we rationally think on the subject of Qur’an. 


Maulana Ismail Falahi (Deputy Director, IIIS) pointed out that, “This course has been initiated mainly for those working professionals who have a strong desire to learn and understand Quran but their work-schedule does not allow them to pursue the same. Such people will find this course handy. 


Mr. Khan Yasir (Academic supervisor, IIIS) emphasized upon the need to understand Quran in Arabic and why it’s not enough to recite or read Quran through its translations. 

Mr. Bahar Ahmad Falahi (Course Instructor) demonstrated highlights and key features of the course. During his PPT presentation he said that the course has been designed after carefully studying various other courses on Quranic Arabic running throughout the world.  


The One Year Diploma Course would focus on Quranic vocabulary, Arabic morphology and grammar and also explanation of the basic themes of the Quran. The course will also briefly discuss forty hadith, ideological & moral teachings of Islam.

After the Q&A session the program was concluded with the vote of thanks of Mr. Anisur Rahman (Coordinator, Islamic Academy Trust).