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Islami Academy Re-Launched with New Enthusiasm

Islami Academy Re-Launched with New Enthusiasm

The Islamic Academy, which is aimed at preparing resource persons and thinkers for the service of Islam, is all set to render its service to the nation under the kind supervision of its Director, Dr. Hasan Raza. Admission forms for the new academic session 2013-14 are available and the session is likely to be commenced on 1 September. Currently, it offers only two courses namely M.A in Islamic Thoughts and Studies and M. Phil in Islamic Thoughts and Studies which are of two-year and one-year duration respectively. Also, the Academy’s plan is to send its meritorious students to different distinguished universities at home or abroad for specialisation in their respective subjects.
The Islami Academy, the brain child of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, initially started as Darsgah Islami at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh but had come to a halt after some years because of the lack of enthusiasm among youngsters in this field. Again, it was re-launched as Centre for Religious Studies and Guidance (CRSG) with some changes by Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari, a graduate of Darsgah Islami, at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh in 1998. Later, it was promoted to Islamic Academy in 2003 and was shifted to the national capital but due to some reasons it was again transferred to Aligarh. And until the sad demise of its founder chairman cum director, Dr. Ansari, in 2012, the Academy had more or less been yielding results.

“The Academy’s aim is to produce such scholars who can continue the legacy of Shah Waliullah, Allama Hamiduddin Farahi, Allama Iqbal, Maulana Maududi, Allama Shibli Nomani and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad,” says the Director of the Academy, Dr. Hasan Raza. Ask Dr. Raza why he especially named these scholars and pat comes the answer, “These scholars have saved the community from mental slavery of the West.” He further added, explaining the ambitions of the Academy, that to follow even the most knowledgeable person blindly decays one’s thinking capacity. The Academy wanted to provide an open atmosphere where the thinkers come up with some innovative ideas with sound logic to back the same. The Academy has a separate foundation course as well for those who are relatively low in understanding of basic knowledge of Islam and Arabic. The Academy will also send the students for field work two times every month.

The syllabi and other things of the Academy are no doubt very good. But will it be able to ‘distract’ the students from the ‘glamorous and imaginary’ world? Or will it not face the same situation as was faced by Darsgah Islami and others in the past? “It is really tough to attract students in the world where everyone prefers a vocational or professional course and no one has time to invest in these types of research work where outcomes are hardly visible. But still we hope that students will give credence to our course keeping in mind the eternal success which is much greater than the worldly one,” says Dr. Raza.