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Islami Academy Trust




DATED : 25 AUGUST , 2005 


Islami Academy Trust

We as an individual or a society are responsible for the dissemination of Islamic knowledge and for realization of Islamic teaching in the form of Islamic oriented, social, economic, moral, legal,  and  educational system .In the above mentioned context, The Islamic Academy Trust is established by the leadership of Tahreek-e-Islami Hind to develop educational training and research programs for general Da'wah and for the benefit of Muslim communities within  and outsides India. The Islami Academy Trust is committed to realization of Islamic message thorough its programs.

Aims & Objective

The Islami Academy Trust has the following aims and objectives:

1.       To undertake academic research in the various disciplines and fields of learning specially comparative religion with particular reference   to those religions that originated in the Indian sub-continent .

2.       To prepare and develop literature in accordance with and on the line of results of the research achieved  as per the objective mentioned above.

3.        To establish a central library to help and aid the above objects as well to meet the needs of other works of research in various  fields of learning. The library shall contain books on all subject specially in the fields of History ,sociology ,economics, political science, languages as well encyclopedias on various subject. The library shall also make available periodicals, professional magazines and journals on various subjects to the scholar with the facilities of computer printing internet connections, and photocopy.

4.       To arrange for training programs and to prepare a team of social workers and organizers who shall work for the propagation of moral and ethical values in the society .

5.       To promote righteousness and human values through print and electronic media by helping those journalists and media persons who believe in ethical and moral values by arranging for them professional training  through intensive training programs and also provide financial aid and assistance to such journalists and media persons.

6.        To hold workshop, seminars and symposia in order to disseminate moral and ethical values.

7.       To arrange for publication of books and periodicals on the basis of results of the research  undertaken  by the trust as well as other books and periodicals on the similar subject.

8.       To work on the improvement of syllabus prescribed in the school and colleges and universities as well as other seats of higher learning.

9.       To undertake a program for development of a model syllabus for schools and colleges and also a model guideline for the work of research.

10.   To undertake such programs, scheme  ,projects  and activities and to set up such institutions that may promote the aims and objective of the trust.

11.   To undertake the advancement and propagation of general education and learning and for that purpose to establish maintain and support schools, colleges and other general, technical, and professional educational institutions, research institutes etc.