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Visit of Mr Quazi Ashfaq and Sayyid alkaf to the islami Academy

Visit of Mr Quazi Ashfaq and Sayyid alkaf to the islami Academy

There is no division of knowledge in islam. Basically there are three types of knowledge, they are Science, philosophy and religion. He stressed the students to develop a thinking process. He appealed the students to read and think, this is a prerequisite for developing one’s thinking process otherwise it will others thinking and not our own. These were the words of Dr. Quazi Ashfaq ahmed, a pioneer of Islamic movement in Australia and old student of Saanvi Darsgah was here in islami academy campus, J.I.H Headquarter on 15th December 2103, interacting with the students.

He spoke on how one must read Quran, stressing that knowing Arabic is a fundamental to understanding quran and going through commentary of quran is not analysing it but rather reading opinions of respected writers. Thus inorder to understand Quran we must focus on itself. He told the students that they should have a Spark in them that motivates and compels them for unconditional devotion towards the task of serving the religion. He further told students must develop a fighting spirit, must read books, have depth of knowledge and spirit and have the passion for exploration

Sayyid hamid Alkaf , a great scholar of Islam and specialist in Quran, old student of Saanvi Darsgaah, an Yemeni citizen was also present on the occasion. He said that the students are being prepared to lead the Islamic movement. Thus he said the students to work hard , present their share of sacrifice and develop extra-ordinary level of ijtihadi(innovative) thinking.

Dr Hasan Raza, Director of islami academy extended warm welcome to the dignitaries and gave a brief introduction of their personality. Shiekh Rafiq, Dean of the academy anchored the programme.
Mohammed Jafar, deputy president of Jamate-islami Hind and Anis ur Rahman Nadvi co-ordinator of the Academy were present on the occasion.